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17th-May-2014 01:19 am - pet food recall!

Bravo® Issues Nationwide Recall of Pet Food for Dogs and Cats

19th-Jul-2010 03:45 am - Cat + Dog = Friends?
Hi all,

I recently adopted a kitty this year, my first ever, from the RSPCA. He's still under a year old and has adjusted to our house brilliantly, he's indoor only but our house (well, half of our house - the other half is dog territory - we have lots of doors:P )has pretty much become a kitty gym and he seems extremely happy and uninterested in going outside. Anyway, that's not the point of this post.

Our family has an elderly JRT mix, a lovely old thing, and I've been trying to introduce him to my kitty in the hope they might become friends. We started slow, with me bringing Shooter (dog) inside on a leash and letting him see Euro (cat) etc
Shooter really doesn't have a problem with cats, never has, and he's had plenty of sniffs of Euro and been sniffed in return and he's really at ease with the whole thing. Actually, a better way of putting things would be to say that he is very uninterested in Euro, while Euro is completely fascinated/obsessed with Shooter.

The past couple of times I've allowed Shooter to come inside off leash - he normally has a bit of a sniff around, hoping to find some forgotten food, before settling down in front of the fire. He has no interest in going anywhere near Euro. As soon as he comes inside, Euro acts like he's on a hunt - he runs around after Shooter, hiding behind things, getting ready to pounce. I thought things were going well, but it seems Euro has got a bit big for his boots - he'll now walk right up to Shooter, who is just laying in front of the fire, and swat him in the face. How can I get him to stop doing this! I feel horrible for Shooter, because he's just sitting there not doing anything wrong.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Or should I just stop putting them together? I don't want Shooter did get hurt and/or become scared of cats.

tl;dr Really calm, old dog who is not interested in cat keeps getting beat up by cat.

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2nd-May-2010 07:48 pm(no subject)
Hello everyone, just a quick question - would appreciate any advice!

I've recently become the proud parent of a kitten, who's about 4-5months old. I adopted him from the RSPCA so the age is a bit sketchy, but this is a pretty good estimate. I've had him home for about a month. He's my first ever cat (I've always had dogs, and still do have dogs, but never been allowed a cat until now) so I'm kinda new to this.

Anyway, Euro has been amazing. He's been a real joy to have around and we're forming a really close bond. He's caused me no real issues so far - uses his litterbox perfectly, scratches things meant for him and not the furniture etc But, tonight he kind of did something that wasn't too... fun. When I was walking through the lounge area he ran up after me, latched onto my leg and started scratching and biting. It was pretty damn painful, and I had to scruff him just so I could get him to let go without causing further damage (I got some good war wounds) - I guess my question is, is this pretty normal for a kitten? Is there a way I can deter him/teach him that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable? And what's the best way to make him let go? I know he was probably only playing - but claws and teeths! ouch!

I'm honestly not too worried about myself, I'm an adult and I'm used to scratches and bites from animals, but I'm living with my mother right now which also includes my younger sisters who are around ten. If this happened to them... well, Euro would not be in anyones good books, that's for sure.

Euro says: "This face gets me away with murderz"

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1st-Feb-2010 06:09 pm(no subject)
Pit Bull: Reindeer

One of the cats from the local no-kill shelter I volunteer at. Enjoy!
9th-Jan-2010 11:12 pm - Apparently Ya'll need this :D
Surprise kitty

Hi, I'm Kelly, and this is Piaget. Soup isnt willing to get her picture taken yet, but expect more once they're used to the environment.
cats plotting (brax & Aida)
So a couple years ago I moved out to the middle of nowhere in Virginia, and last winter was pretty mild and I didn't see cats with an air of deseperation about them. This winter has been rough and cold, though, and there's been at least two cats who have made spirited attempts to get into my trash.

Of course I started putting food out for them. And then today I discovered Home Depot having a sale on storage, so I picked up a couple 18 gallon rubbermaid totes for $4 apiece, and a bale of straw. A little bit of surgery with a circular saw has converted the totes into adequate cat shelters:
Cat Shelters

Tomorrow morning I'll stuff them with straw and put them outside (weighted down with cow skulls because, um, that's what I have to weight them down with) and hopefully the kitties will get some use out of them this winter. In summer I will probably cover them with reflective blankets to keep them cooler inside. Also I need to figure out awnings over the entrances to keep the weather out better, but for now, with the horrible cold snap we're having in the south, they will suffice to get kitties out of the cold!
9th-Jan-2010 01:26 am - Welcome
    Welcome to the community, feel free to post and invite others. 

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