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allthingscat's Journal

All Things Feline
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Welcome to All Things Cat, a general cat community promoting all things feline and feline-related. We encourage our cat-admiring members to kick back and relax in like company.

Join. Post. Enjoy.



» Friendly debate is encouraged. Outright rudeness is not.
» Anything cat related is welcome. Anything not cat related is best discussed or posted elsewhere.
» It's considered good form to utilize the lj-cut when posting large or multiple pictures. It is not necessary to cut text posts.
» When asking for medical advice, expect to be directed to a licensed veterinarian.
» Keep in mind that you are posting in an online internet forum where opposing opinions are allowed and open discussion and debate is encouraged.
» Posts and comments made solely for the purpose of inciting drama will result in a gag or a ban for the author.
» Deleting posts or comments for reasons other than editing or similar mistakes will result in a gag or a ban for the author.


» Warn: Cautionary advice preceding further action.
» Gag: Temporary ban instated for a specified amount of time. Once a gag is lifted, participation within the community is permitted.
» Ban: Permanent removal from participation within the community. A ban is non negotiable and non refundable.