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Hello everyone, just a quick question - would appreciate any advice!

I've recently become the proud parent of a kitten, who's about 4-5months old. I adopted him from the RSPCA so the age is a bit sketchy, but this is a pretty good estimate. I've had him home for about a month. He's my first ever cat (I've always had dogs, and still do have dogs, but never been allowed a cat until now) so I'm kinda new to this.

Anyway, Euro has been amazing. He's been a real joy to have around and we're forming a really close bond. He's caused me no real issues so far - uses his litterbox perfectly, scratches things meant for him and not the furniture etc But, tonight he kind of did something that wasn't too... fun. When I was walking through the lounge area he ran up after me, latched onto my leg and started scratching and biting. It was pretty damn painful, and I had to scruff him just so I could get him to let go without causing further damage (I got some good war wounds) - I guess my question is, is this pretty normal for a kitten? Is there a way I can deter him/teach him that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable? And what's the best way to make him let go? I know he was probably only playing - but claws and teeths! ouch!

I'm honestly not too worried about myself, I'm an adult and I'm used to scratches and bites from animals, but I'm living with my mother right now which also includes my younger sisters who are around ten. If this happened to them... well, Euro would not be in anyones good books, that's for sure.

Euro says: "This face gets me away with murderz"

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